Dr. Jeff Davis Chiropractic

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I highly recommend Dr Davis! I have 3 badly herniated discs that made it difficult to walk and was in constant pain. My Doctor recommended surgery to correct the problem. A friend of mine and patient of Dr. Davis, suggested that I go to see him first and I can’t thank her enough. After working with Dr Davis, I’m able to function again and won’t need surgery.

Jeff D.


‘Doc’ had me fixed up fast! After months of pain getting worse and trying every exercise, chair and pillow, I finally visited Dr Davis. I should not have waited so long. In short order he pinpointed my exact problem and I was out of pain and feeling great! What makes it even better is the friendly smile and pleasant attitude. I highly recommend.

Moshe R.



Paola S.


Dr. Jeff has been my go to guy for a long time now… Just pulled out my back and the first person I called was Dr. Davis.

Michael S.