Nutritional Counseling

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Nutritional Counseling in Woodcliff Lake

At Dr. Jeff Davis Chiropractic, we will discuss various dietary options and assist each patient in choosing the most agreeable yet nutritious solution in order to achieve a healthier lifestyle. Proper nutrition and dieting can greatly impact a patient’s health and help to support immune function and energy levels.

Nutritional Counseling at Dr. Jeff Davis Chiropractic

No matter a patient’s age or gender, all bodies need nourishment in order to perform day to day functions. Those who eat right and consume the right mix of protein, vitamins, healthy fats and other nutrients can achieve a healthier lifestyle while also avoiding disease or illness. Dr. Davis strives to provide his patients with the knowledge necessary to create healthier habits in order to reach health goals faster. There are a wide variety of benefits to receiving nutritional counseling from our Woodcliff Lake chiropractor. Some of these benefits include weight loss, reduced inflammation, a boosted immune system, decreased anxiety and an increase in energy. Nutritional counseling also helps patients with preventative care as well as avoiding further illnesses.

Dr. Davis has a consultation with each patient to discuss their current health goals, past medical history, symptoms they are currently experiencing and past injuries. Based on these consultations, he will provide nutritional counseling plans that are unique to the specific needs and desires of the patient.

Supplements Provided at Dr. Jeff Davis Chiropractic

More often than not, your body just doesn’t have the necessary nutritional tools to actually heal the body or prevent disease. The right supplements help the body to function, heal after injury and bring internal balance to your whole system. Dr. Jeff Davis offers Standard Process supplements at his Woodcliff Lake center as he understands the importance of high-quality supplements and other nutritional products—they are the building blocks that help create a whole diet plan and should not be overlooked.

Dr. Davis wants to help you permanently change your lifestyle for the better. Call to schedule a consultation today!